New SPERT-Beta Release for November, 2016

This month’s development build brings Statistical PERT – Beta Edition one step closer to a stable, Version 1.0 release in the first half of 2017.

In this November release, I’ve added the same pie chart visual as Statistical PERT – Normal Edition (version 1.4.1, the latest).  The pie chart (only on the ‘SPERT Beta 0.4 Build 2’ tab) shows the confidence interval size, based upon the estimator’s lowerbound and upperbound thresholds.  Also in this release is the same data validation indicator that checks to see if the correctly-ordered, three-point estimate was entered (green check if everything is okay, red X if something’s wrong).  The actual validation formula is a little different than what’s used in Statistical PERT – Normal Edition; in Statistical PERT – Beta Edition, it’s acceptable to enter a minimum or maximum value that is identical to the most likely value.  Finally, I’ve added the same ‘Welcome’ worksheet, which, when the spreadsheet is first opened, is the first worksheet displayed.  The ‘Welcome’ worksheet will change a bit in the future to distinguish the unique differences between the Beta Edition and the Normal Edition of Statistical PERT.

Download the November release of this development-only build

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