Monthly Archives: December 2016

New SPERT-Beta Release for December, 2016

This month’s development build brings Statistical PERT – Beta Edition even closer to a stable, Version 1.0 release in the first quarter of 2017.  Early next year, I’ll begin creating different “flavors” of SPERT-Beta like I have for the original Statistical PERT spreadsheets, where there is a SPERT-Beta for tasks, expenses, revenue, agile sprints, portfolios and events.  I’ll also continue testing SPERT-Beta to ensure accuracy and reasonability of its results.

In this December 2016 release — the last one for 2016 — I’ve only done some window dressing to prepare for SPERT-Beta’s initial, production release in 2017.  I’ve hidden a number of columns that won’t be of general interest to estimators using SPERT-Beta, I replaced the text in the Welcome! tab so it acknowledges SPERT-Normal, and I cleaned-up some of the worksheets to remove clutter and create a better visual presentation.  I didn’t make any changes to any formulas or lookup values.

Download the December release of this development-only build